Learning Activities


Learning Activities is a working group of D’FAT formed in 2018 with the aim to develop learning activities for young people.
These activities have included:
  • Robotics & Programming

Since 2018, D’FAT has been a validated public Learning Destination for Children’s University (CU) Tasmania.

A Learning Destination is a place where CU participating children and young people (7 to 14 year olds) can ‘travel’ to with their Passports to Learning to participate in learning activities and experiences.
Passports to Learning are provided by participating schools in CU to the children. These passports are used by the children to record the attended activity. Once the children have reached the required number of activity hours, they will graduate from CU. Certificates are presented at graduation ceremonies held once a year at a University of Tasmania campus.

D’FAT conducts an events survey with young people bi-annually to evaluate current activities and identify further activities to be conducted by D’FAT


Events Surveys:

Activities Statistics: