Graffiti Wall


During 2006, D’FAT established a legal graffiti wall at Ellis Dean Reserve, New Norfolk. This graffiti wall is ‘white-washed’ when appropriate.

Since 2009, D’FAT has managed the legal graffiti wall through appropriate re-painting and reporting.

During 2010, Derwent Valley Council facilitated in-partnership with New Norfolk High School a graffiti art workshop. This workshop was supported by D’FAT.

Funding was received by New Norfolk High School for graffiti artists to work with students in school to formulate designs and then transfer these designs onto the legal graffiti wall.

All eight sides of the legal graffiti wall were utilised. Additional art pieces were made for public display.

Photos of the graffiti art workshop can be viewed on D’FAT’s Flickr and D’FAT’s Facebook group