Social Activities

Since September 2004, D’FAT has conducted monthly social activities (normally one activity per month).

These activities have included:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) parties and online video game activities (Gamer Zone)
  • Tournaramas (8-ball, table-tennis, playstation 3 and LAN party tournaments event)
  • Movie nights (indoor and outdoor)
  • Discos
  • Pool parties
  • Quiz nights
  • Sports days

The Social Activities Sub-Committee of D’FAT was formed in 2004 with the aim to develop social activities for young people.
In August 2018, the Social Activities Sub-Committee was re-named the Social & Learning Activities Sub-Committee with the aim to develop social and learning activities for young people.

D’FAT conducts an events survey with young people to evaluate current activities and identify further activities to be conducted by D’FAT.

Events Surveys: