10-Year Anniversary

During April 13th 2012 (beginning of National Youth Week 2012) at Carinya Education Park, D’FAT made a special announcement to The Gazette and TYGA FM regarding 10-year anniversary celebrations. This announcement was additionally attended by the Mayor, Derwent Valley Council Youth Participation Officer and ten D’FAT members. This announcement was that:

“During 2012, D’FAT will be celebrating its tenth year of existence.Therefore becoming the third longest functioning Local Government Youth Advisory Group in Southern Tasmania”.

“D’FAT will be celebrating this milestone by producing a documentary (10-years of D’FAT) with assistance from the Tasmanian media production company, Move Media. This documentary will cover activities, projects and achievements of D’FAT since 2002 through interviews with former members.
D’FAT has been working to produce this documentary since February 2011″.

“D’FAT has recently completed filming and this documentary will be officially launched later in 2012”.

“D’FAT will additionally be wearing one-of-a-kind D’FAT t-shirts throughout 2012 to celebrate 10-years. D’FAT will begin wearing these t-shirts during National Youth Week 2012”.

A copy of the presentation shown at the official announcement can be viewed on D’FAT’s YouTube Channel

Photos of this announcement can be viewed on D’FAT’s Facebook group

During November 19th 2012, D’FAT officially launched the ’10-Years of D’FAT’ documentary at Carinya Education Park, New Norfolk.

Approximately 40 people attended this official launch, with representatives from:

Rebecca White MP additionally attended this launch.

Former D’FAT members involved in the documentary received copies of the documentary, 10-year anniversary t-shirts and certificates of recognition. Derwent Valley Council, YNOT and Rebecca White MP additionally received copies of the documentary.

This documentary can be viewed on D’FAT’s Youtube Channel

Photos of this official launch can be viewed on D’FAT’s Facebook group

D’FAT received a 2012 Tidy Towns award for the 10-year anniversary project.

D’FAT additionally presented a workshop at the 2013 Tasmanian Youth Conference (TYC) on the 10-year anniversary project.

Photos of this workshop can be viewed on D’FAT’s Facebook group