D’FAT has a youth led Board of up to 13 of its members.

This Board has the responsibility of overall governance, management and strategic direction of the organisation.

This Board includes the following elected positions:

  • 4 Officers;
    • Chair Person
    • Vice Chair Person
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer (a person of the age of 18 years or over)
  • 9 Ordinary Board Members

Each Board position (and the appointed Facilitator and Public Officer of the organisation) has a Position Description with key responsibilities.

Each Board position is elected for a period of 12 months at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Public Officer is appointed by the Board at the first meeting following the AGM. The appointed Public Officer has additional legal responsibilities per the Associations Incorporation Act 1964.

Current Board Nomination Application:

As per rule 26 of D’FAT’s Constitution:

  • A nomination of a candidate for election as an officer of the Association, or as an ordinary Board member, is to be –
    • made in writing, signed by 2 members of the Association and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate and legal guardian or parent of the candidate if under the age of 18 years; and
    • if 16 years of age and over have provided evidence of Working with Vulnerable People certification; and
    • delivered to the Public Officer at least 10 days before the day on which the annual general meeting is to be held.

As per rule 27 of D’FAT’s Constitution:

  • The office of an officer of the Association, or of an ordinary Board member, becomes casually vacant if the officer or Board member –
    • dies; or
    • reaches the age of 26 years; or
    • becomes convicted of a serious crime; or
    • has their Working with Vulnerable People certification revoked; or
    • becomes bankrupt, applies to take the benefit of any law for the relief of bankrupt or insolvent debtors, compounds with his or her creditors or makes an assignment of his or her remuneration or estate for their benefit; or
    • becomes a represented person within the meaning of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1995; or
    • resigns office in writing addressed to the Board; or
    • ceased to reside in the Derwent Valley Local Government Area; or
    • ceased to be ordinarily resident of Tasmania; or
    • is absent from 3 consecutive meetings of the Board without the permission of the other members of the Board; or
    • ceases to be a member of the Association; or
    • fails to pay, within 14 days after receiving a notice in writing signed by the Public Officer stating that the officer or Board member has failed to pay one or more amounts of annual subscriptions, all such amounts due and payable by the officer or member.

As per rule 26 of D’FAT’s Constitution:

  • A person shall be appointed as the Public Officer by the Board, at its first meeting following the annual general meeting, who is –
    • the age of 18 years or over; and
    • an ordinarily resident of Tasmania; and
    • not a member of the Board; and
    • not the appointed Auditor.