Membership Information

Current Membership Application:

The current annual* membership fee (also known as annual subscription) of D’FAT is $2.

*Annual membership is for the financial year (from July 1st until June 30th) per the Associations Incorporation Act 1964.

As per rule 5 of D’FAT’s Constitution:

  • A person who is nominated and approved for membership in accordance with this rule is eligible to be a member of the Association on payment of the annual subscription specified in rule 32.
  • A person is not to be admitted as a member of the Association if –
    • the person is not of the age of 12 to 25 years; and
    • the person is not residing in the Derwent Valley Local Government Area; and
    • the person has not been approved for membership by the Board.
  • As soon as practicable after the receipt of a nomination, the Public Officer is to refer the nomination to the Board.
  • If a nomination is approved by the Board, the Public Officer is to –
    • notify the nominee, in writing, that the nominee has been approved for membership of the Association; and
    • on receipt of the amount payable by the nominee as the first annual subscription, enter the nominee’s name in the register of members.

As per rule 32 of D’FAT’s Constitution:

  • The annual subscription, for a financial year of the Association, that is payable by members of the Association is be determined at the annual general meeting.